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Effect of COVID-19 Induced Lockdown on German University Students

Using Text mining and Sentiment analysis to get 360 degree view of the problem

Let Data Tell you a story

For more than a year now, the world has seen adverse effects of COVID-19 ranging from economic dip across the world as well as death tolls that have crumbled a lot of nations and regions. Take a look at these research studies that are relevant to ours.

Addressing collegiate mental health amid COVID-19 pandemic

Yusen Zhai, Xue Du, 2020 study found that “It is thus imperative for universities to build awareness of students’ mental health needs and concerns, and to empower their students to seek help and support during this biological disaster”.

Effects of COVID-19 on College Students’ Mental Health in the United States: Interview Survey Study

"Of importance is that university counseling centers should set up options to continue to provide college students with counseling services at a distance (i.e., telemental health counseling) within the constraints of the pandemic outbreak"

The Covid-19 pandemic and mental health of first-year college students: Examining the effect of Covid-19 stressors using longitudinal data

"The prevalence of moderate-severe anxiety increased from 18.1% before the pandemic to 25.3% within four months after the pandemic began; and the prevalence of moderate-severe depression increased from 21.5% to 31.7%."

Students under lockdown: Comparisons of students’ social networks and mental health before and during the COVID-19 crisis in Switzerland

"The results on COVID-19 related stressors indicate that students who worry more about their family and friends are more likely to become more depressed and more stressed. Worries about one’s future career contributed to higher levels of anxiousness and stress. The presence of personal problems that were usually suppressed was a strong positive predictor of an increase in depression, anxiety and stress."

Motivation & Dataset


There have been a lot of studies of effects of COVID-19, its prediction, symptom analysis in different bodies as well as academic years across institutes and their preventive measures in spirit of continuation of studies for students in countries such as U.S, U.K as well European countries that experience a lot of international students every 6 months.​

We conducted a survey questionnaire which we added in our Github repository for the review of our supervisor. This questionnaire was circulated among university students across Germany (main reach was Otto von Guericke University). The questions included a subset of GHQ-12 questionnaire around lack of confidence, stress, student’s accommodation, number of courses, number of exams taken, issues pertaining to online classes, a few open ended textual questions such as their overall feelings throughout the year, the effect of online studies on their results etc.

Game of Numbers



Survey Questionnaire




Machine Learning models


Student Nationalities

Let's look at our findings, are you ready?


Here we show the early findings from our survey data input.

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